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Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association held it's 19th Annual General Membership & Study Meeting on Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 in the upper Forum room of Urantia Foundation at 533 W. Diversey Parkway, Chicago, IL
Lunch was catered in and served during a lovely topical study of of quotes gathered on the subject of "God and Family Relationships." As is customary for these meetings, we took a break from the study to have a brief business meeting and held elections, and returned to our study afterwards.
Election for the offices of Vice President and Secretary came due this March 2013. Nominations were accepted and unapposed for Danny Casko to hold his second term as Vice President, and we congratulate Joanne Strobel on her first term as GLMUA Secretary.
Our President, Benet Rutenberg remarked how grateful we all are for the service our outgoing Secretary has provided during his recent term, indeed Mark Kurtz has faithfully served GLMUA since our original charter date. He was elected as our first Secretary early in 1994. 3/25/13

The annual Holiday Party held at Urantia Foundation on Saturday, December 8th was a great success. GLMUA partnered again this year with our friends at Urantia Foundation and First Society of Chicago. The food, music, company and beautiful surroundings at Urantia Foundation is hard to beat at this event. The weather was cooperative and several of the attendees sang carols from the balcony of the upper floor. You must make certain to attend next season if you have never enjoyed this party! 1/2013 recap

Bill Lindemann resigned as Study Group Committee Chairman. 11/18/12

Fall Study Session 4 :The Faith of Jesus - The Religion of Supremacy" and the UAUS Council of Local Presidents meeting was a huge success! We provided a live weblink for those officers who were not able to attend. We received glowing reviews from several attendees that were very pleased with the Hilton Garden Inn in Chesterton, IN as the venue. The staff are always very helpful to us, rooms were well appointed, materials and theme were excellent, and food and the social opportunities were wonderful.
Sunday worship was highlighted with benedictions of thanksgiving given by each attendee, a musical offering by Camille Underhill, and a Remembrance Supper with testimonials by friends of the two losses to our UB community in the past week, Charles Montgomery and Christine Bailey. We encourage you to visit the UAUS Messenger link above to see the articles published about the CLP Meeting and a review of the Fall Study event. 10/2012 recap

Christine Bailey [our Membership Committee Chairperson and long time member of GLMUA] passed away of a sudden heart attack on September 19th. 9-24-12

Indiana Dunes Picnic Celebration of Jesus' birthday was well attended. The weather was lovely, we praised our Heavenly Father for the excellent day so that all 6 of the children who attended could enjoy the day and play. Some of the folks had a swim in Lake Michigan before the picnic, and between the nearby playground and yard games of horseshoes and frisbee, the children seemed to enjoy themselves. We were pleased that the new tradition continues of celebrating Jesus' birthday for this new generation of the UB community.
The pot luck dinner was wonderful as it always works out to be, and the conversation was especially enjoyable with some new friendships being established. GLMUA Vice President Danny Casko and his wife Mary have given much time, effort and resources to make the picnic a special experience for those who attend. Our thanks to both of them, and to Benet Rutenberg for his skills as our grilling expert! The chicken was wonderful as usual. 8/21/12 recap

Joanne Strobel was approved as Associate Member of GLMUA. We welcome Joanne and welcome her enthusiasm and willingness to serve. 7/7/12

The annual General Membership Meeting of Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association was called to order at 11 AM on Sunday March 17th in th upper room at Urantia Foundation, 533 W. Diversey Parkway in Chicago, Illinois. A study experience and luncheon were provided to all attendees before the business meeting began. The GLMUA Governing Board feels that allowing time and opportunity for social bonds to develop as well as in-depth study is very important to our growing membership. The social/study time was followed by our annual business meeting where elections were held for the offices of President and Treasurer. We thank both Benet Rutenberg and Bill Lindemann for their willingness to serve. 3/17/2012 recap

Christine Bailey was appointed as Chair of the Membership Committee. Christine trained for the position for several months prior to the appointment. 3/17/12

Benet Rutenberg appointed to serve out the term of President vacated by Rick Lyon. 3-19-11

Rick Lyon resigned as President due to increased responsibilities of his office as Executive Administrator of UAI. 3-19-11

Benet Rutenberg elected to the office of President, after serving in that position to complete the term vacated by Rick Lyon. 3/17/12

Bill Lindemann elected to the office of Treasurer. 3/17/12

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Joanne Strobel elected to first term as Secretary 3-23-13

Danny Casko elected to second term as Vice President 3-23-13

Cheryl Glicker appointed as Study Group Committee Chairwoman. 12-5-12

Joanne Strobel appointed as Membership Committee Chairwoman. 9/23/12

Tamara Strumfeld appointed as Treasurer to serve out the remaining term of office vacated by Bill Lindemann. 9/20/12